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Carly has a job interview tomorrow and she doesn't know what to wear to look professional. A girl she goes to school with has offered to let her borrow an outfit for the interview, she just needs to come over and try it on.

As Daphne shows Carly the outfit, she starts to ask her questions that make her feel uncomfortable, like if she's ever made out with a girl, or fantasied about being with a girl.

Carly tries to shrug it off and grabs the outfit from the bed thinking that Daphne's weird questions are at an end, when Daphne comes up from behind.

Confused as to what just happened, Carly slumps down to the bed.

Carly wakes, tied spread eagled to Daphne's bed, stripped to everything but her bra and panties. She is scared and confused, and tries to call out for help, and then realizes her mouth is covered with duct tape.

That's when Daphne appears, dressed completely different than last time she saw her, in a sexy dominatrix outfit to be exact, with black leather gloves to match. Obviously she has been planning this ever since Carly asked if she could come over.

Daphne pulls out a pink vibrator from her nightstand and tells Carly they are going to play a game. She is going to make her cum over and over again. She pushes Carly's legs apart, and holds the vibrating cock against Carly's clit.

The ropes are too tight, her body writhes with pleasure, she explodes into an orgasm... Daphne rubs her bare legs, enjoying the feeling of power she has over Carly....Giving Carly a second to breathe, Daphne removes the vibrator and runs her hands up and down the inside of Carly's thighs.

Break time is over.. she reaches down to Carly's now swollen clit, and rubs it hard through her panties. Carly tries to close her legs once more and her struggling cries turn into cries of pleasure as her body bucks once more as a powerful orgasm rips through her body, her traitorous pussy soaked with cum from the repeated orgasms.

Time for part 2. Carly awakes, hands tied over her head to the shower curtain rod. Daphne appears step-moments later, and tells her that she isn't done with her yet, that she needs to cum a few more times. She brings out the vibrator again, and holds it tight against Carly's pussy, the pulsing sending her into another orgasm, and her legs go weak, she struggles to hold herself upright.

Putting the vibrator away again, Daphne comes up behind Carly. She presses her scantily clad body tight in against Carly's and reaches around the front of her to rub her clit with her gloved hands, she can feel the power of Carly's orgasm as her own body is pressed so tightly against hers. That really turns Daphne on, and she starts to rub her own pussy at the same time as Carly's...

Carly awakens on the floor of the bathroom, Daphne no where in sight. She crawls out, and finds her clothes in the bedroom. Dressing quickly, she tries to make a run for the front door.

Running time - 27:55

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