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Captured In The Cold  Escape is the sequel to Captured In The Cold.

Daphne has replaced Demi as Franks girlfriend in this episode.

We start out with Whitney investigating the location that Jena was last seen. She enters the back yard and hears struggling from inside and heads in to get a closer look.

Inside we find Jena, tied to a chair with a black pillow case covering her head.  She struggles but is unable to free herself. Whitney starts to untie her when Frank jumps on her from behind!

Whitney kicks Frank in his leg and makes a run for it, but Daphne is waiting and knocks her out cold. We fade in to see both girls tied in chairs across from each other, with white medical tape covering their mouths.

They struggle to escape and eventually Whitney as able to loosen her bonds. She explains that she is investigating the disappearance of her aunt who worked for the FBI, and is going to take the criminal pair, Frank and Daphne down, with Jena's help! As the girls finish untying themselves from the chairs, they hear a noise, and Whitney bolts upstairs leaving Jena to panic in the hallway!

Just as the girls are about to make their escape, Daphne comes down the stairs and holds the two captive once again, thanking them for offing Frank for her as he had outlived his usefulness. Daphne leads the girls to an outside location, and they are tied up inside of a tent while she sits and drowns her sorrows with a bottle of wine, remorseful over Franks death.

Daphne soon passes out from too much wine, and the girls are able to escape from the tent, and call the police to get justice. 

Running time - 23:07

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