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Jena is driving to her friends house and is lost, driving around in a neighborhood. She stops to ask for directions as her phone is .

Unfortunately for Jena, the house she stops at is in the middle of being robbed by Frank and his girlfriend! Frank has just finished disposing of the previous home owner when Jena has knocked. Demi thinks quickly and brings Jena in the house.

Jena uses the home phone to call her rich step-dad and ask for money, and she is overheard by our villainous pair.Frank and Demi think on their feet and soon Jena is tied up tight in the living room. They are going to hold her for ransom and Frank makes his demand to Jena's step-dad on the phone while she struggles against her bonds.

Frank and Demi uses their private time in one of the upstairs bedroom, fucking, while Jena is tied downstairs. Eventually Jena is able to slip her ropes and makes a run for it.

She heads up to a bedroom to hide in the closet when the previous homeowner tumbles out in a bag! Jena screams, alerting the duo to her presence.Frank and Demi run up to the bedroom to look for her and spot her hiding in the corner.

They don't let on that she has been seen and pretend to leave, letting Jena give up her own hiding spot!She tries to make a run, kicking Frank in his shin, but Demi quickly stops her at the door. Jena is then tied up once again, but before they cleave gag her, she tells Demi about her rich friend Whitney who she will give to the pair if they let her go!

Demi ties her anyways, grabs her phone and decide what they want to do about Whitney.They leave Jena to struggle on the floor as they go to the next room and fuck once again!

Running time - 26:05



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