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Daphne and Kelly run a home office out of the flat. Kelly notices on the way in that there was a guy taking pictures of her in the parking lot. Daphne suggests it's a secret admirer, either way Kelly says it's creepy.

Kelly offers to go get Daphne a cup of coffee across the street and leaves for the store. As she slips out, the guy from the parking lot slips in. Daphne hears a noise, and going to investigate is set upon from behind. She fights, but collapses into his arms. He throws her over his shoulder and heads from the room.

Entering the next room he places her upon a counter and spends some time admiring her delicate arms and pantyhose clad legs. After a few step-moments, he leaves and Daphne awakens.

She stumbles off the counter and tries to reach the door for help. Before she can get too far, he grabs her from behind and knocks her out with a blow to the back of the head. He once again picks her up over his shoulder and carries her to a nearby chair where she is gagged and zip tied tight.

Kelly returns with he coffee to the flat, unable to find Daphne. She finds Daphne tied to a chair and tries desperatly to wake her. As this is happening, the man sneaks up from behind and places her in a er hold. She tries to fight but is out fast. She falls limp, and he picks her up in his arms.

He then carries her to a counter and removes her blouse and shoes, leaving her in her skirt, bra and pantyhose. He then spends some time with her limp form. He leaves the room. Kelly wakes up groggy and stumbles off the counter, before she can get too far she is grabbed.

Once again she goes down and he picks her up like a baby. He sets her on the counter before untying Daphne and leaving the room.Daphne awakens and finds her friend limp on the counter, she awakens her, and together they stumble out. Right before they can get out the front door,there he is again, black jack in hand and whacks the girls out one by one. He picks up Daphne in his arms.

He then carries Daphne to the couch, removing her skirt. He rubs her scantily clad body... after minutes go by, he returns for Kelly and picks her up, carrying her back to the counter removing her skirt. He then hog ties her with zip ties.

Going back to find Daphne, he finds her escaped. He dashes to the door where she was waiting and punches her twice in the head. Hen then s her untill she passes out and carries her to the counter next to her friend. He then spends time with their limp bodies again.

Daphne starts to awaken as he is fondling her. Kelly takes the opportunity to flee the room. He grabs her before she can get too far and slams her head into the wall knocking her cold. He spends the rest of his time with her enjoying their limp bodies and panty hose clad legs before finally carrying them off screen to a waiting car.

Running time - 53:01

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