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*Custom Video Scrip*

Oh and it goes without saying that her pants should always be buttoned up completely and as for the undies fun prints sounds great if there's no text in the back and please make sure to show the model mostly from the front so that her face is showing, so that plus the below.t's also important that she does not act as if she's doing something naughty or sexual or anything like that, she should just act as if it's the most normal thing in the world and it would be great if she could mainly talk to women, like mid twenties and upwards.

Below is kind of a script I guess.And so she'd walk up and ask them something and at that point her pants are at normal height and the top should not be so short that her stomach was showing when she wears her pants at normal height, so slowly she would reach inside her pants and start to pull up her undies while talking till they cover her belly button or something like that, after that she could start to pull her pants down if the conversation is still going on.

The next person she talks to she should start to pull her pants down slowly till they sit right below her butt and then if the conversation is still going on she can start to pull her undies up a little too. It's very important that she pulls her underwear up just as much in the front as in the back (not just on the sides) and please show her mainly from the front and not the back. It's also important that her pants are sagging as much in the front as in the back and that every time she walks up to somebody new she always has her pants pulled up and underwear pulled down very, very important! 

Running time - 11:59

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