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CUSTOM~ Jae has been sent to my house by my friend. My friend and I have this rather large wager riding on whether or not I can stay celibate for a month (no masturbation or sex). There's mere hours to go before I am to win this bet, and his secret weapon (Jae) shows up to break me. He knows the schoolgirl look is like my kryptonite, so she's dressed in a short schoolgirl skirt, high socks, glasses and a really tight sweater Have Jae work on me slowly. Start with her seated on a couch (perhaps a cam set-up similar to her video "The girl next Door!" where she can seductively pose on the couch and then stand and come closer now and then) with her legs crossed. She lets me know that there is no way I'm going to be able to resist the tease she is about to deliver. She says maybe I'll put up a brave face at first, but eventually I will have my dick out and stroking and I will cum for her. She begins by caressing her legs and posing on the couch to show her gorgeous toned legs to their fullest. Have her lift the skirt flirtatiously to show off those shiny panties (I'm an ass man, so please tell her to focus a lot on that). Then move to that tight sweater. Have her cup her boobs and caress the fabric and stretch her arms high to accentuate the curves. If she's wearing the button up shirt, have her slowly unbutton it to tease the cleavage. Pull the sweater up to tease the bra and that lovely toned belly. While standing, tease the skirt and panties a little more and then remove the skirt and focus on just the panties and how great they make her ass look. The sweater/shirt should still be on at this point, as I think that's a really hot look. If she's wearing the button up, have her unbutton it all the way and hang loose as she continues to tease and then maybe have her tie the ends together...just hot stuff like that. Eventually the sweater/shirt should come off for the last few minutes and just have her tease in bra and panties until the end (standing and on the couch). All the while she is encouraging me to stroke. She can see the bulge in my pants. She can see that I'm seriously sweating it out. I think the point at which she breaks me should be about halfway through, when she gives me an extended look at her booty in those sexy panties. It's just too much to take and I have to start stroking. She smiles, as she has won, but to truly seal the deal she will continue the tease until I cum. I'd love for her to use my real name throughout the video (Jason)

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