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Daphne Lee is back on the case!

It's summer in Herald City and the town is headed to the beach to beat the heat! There's been rumors of buried treasure on the beaches and Daphne Lee is headed out to cover the story.

Daphne gets a lead on two treasure hunters that may have uncovered some coins and she follows them to their house.Sure enough Daphne finds a bag loaded with gold coins inside!But the owner of the house, famous treasure hunter Sophie Lane isn't too happy to have someone snooping around!Sophie gets the drop on Daphne and Daphne goes down to the floor.

She is tied up while Sophie attends her business elsewhere.Daphne manages to escape her ties after several minutes and tries the doors. They're locked! She hears voices and quickly hides.She overhears Sophie and her boyfriend talking about the treasure on the beach.

The boyfriend instructs Sophie to interrogate Daphne to find out who she is and why she's snooping around while he goes and gets the rest of the treasure!Sophie returns to take care of Daphne and finds only ropes where the reporter used to be. She looks around and sees the saw that Daphne used to cut her ropes. While Sophie is examining the scene, she is struck on the back of the head by Daphne with a blackjack.

The tables are turned now!Sophie is now tied up and left to struggle while Daphne goes and has a look around.While Daphne is casing the joint, Sophie is freed by her boyfriend.

Daphne returns to check on Sophie to find her gone as well! What the heck is going on around here?!Sophie appears behind Daphne. She is lead to a chair and tied up tight. Sophie demands to know who Daphne is, and Daphne keeps giving her smart ass answers, even in the face of multiple shocks, s, smacks, and titty twists!

Wow, it doesn't look like anything is going to make Daphne talk... until Sophie throws a glass of water onto her and lights up the taser once again! Now this is getting serious and Daphne is ready to talk.She spills the beans about who she is and what she is doing here. She's a reporter for Epic News and is hot on the trail of the buried treasure of Herald City!

Now that Sophie has heard enough, she gags Daphne and punches her in the stomach! Daphne is left tied while Sophie goes to call her boyfriend to let him know what is going on.Eventually Daphne is able to wriggle her chair over to a sharp edge and free herself from the ropes and when Sophie returns Daphne HER this time! Sophie is now tied to the chair and Daphne heads into the house to find her phone to call the police.

While she's in the house, Sophie's boyfriend returns. It seems that Sophie isn't part of his plan after all, and he plans on keeping all of the treasure for himself!He grabs Daphne from inside of the house and both girls are tied to a couple of poles with clear packing tape.

The boyfriend tells them that he's going to get the rest of the treasure while they are tied up and he'll be back in a bit!While he's gone Daphne manages to free herself from the packing tape and releases Sophie on the condition that she will help her. If not, she's going to turn her into the police ASAP!

The girls head into the house to find the phone...Daphne and Sophie find the phone inside and Daphne calls her anchor man Frank to get the camera crew over to the house so she can get the break on the story.Before Daphne can call the cops Sophie's boyfriend returns and holds the girls. Now that the news is on the way, he's got to get the fuck out of here! But not before he takes care of them... permanently!

The girls are tied hands overhead to a rack where they struggle while the boyfriend reveals his final plan.He's cut the gas line in the kitchen and soon the house will fill up with gas and both girls will be blown SKY HIGH!!They struggle to escape after he is gone, but Daphne is KO'd by the gas before she can escape... luckily Sophie is able to slip her ties and she cuts the gas flow and brings Daphne back with some mouth to mouth.

Daphne asks her to untie her... Sophie thinks about it.. but... sorry! Sophie is going to grab some coins at the cave on the beach so Daphne is left tied up.Sophie leaves Daphne spread eagled on the rack for the news crew to find when they get there!Eventually Frank arrives to rescue Daphne and makes a snide remark about how they need to stop meeting this way.Daphne is untied and they head back to the station to break the story!

Running time - 54:11

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