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*From the same author as - Lily Druw*

Daphne is a star reporter that is covering a case of missing bikini models at a tropical hotel. She goes undercover with a rookie local reporter in the contest to try and get to the bottom of the crimes.

Kaylee plays Daphne's sidekick and is caught by the ringleader of a white slavery ring, Jae. She is right in the middle of Jae's trap... can Daphne find her in time?Daphne goes undercover to Jae's house to try and get some evidence to solve the case. Jae is on to her though and gets the drop on Daphne and ties her up tight. Daphne manages to get a text out to Kaylee. Kaylee arrives a few minutes later but is also apprehended. 

Now, both girls are in a bind!All three girls are now tied up in the garage with duct tape over their mouths and panties shoved inside for good measure. All three have their hands and ankles tied tight with duct tape, and are all tightly bound with a crotch tie.

Jae's boyfriend has placed a timer ticking down next to the girls. They struggle to try and free themselves as the timer ticks down....The end of the show here folks! Kaylee is taking advantage of helpless Daphne and is going to blackmail her into giving up the big story! But, not before she blasts a ripping orgasm out of her! Is this how the story ends? Or can Daphne still save the big scoop before it hits the press?

Running time - 58:00

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