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Heather has brought a guy back to her flat and he knows it’s his lucky day when she strips down a bit and dances for him after a few drinks. Strangely his vision starts to blur and Heather tells him she is hers now right before he passes out.

The man wakes tied to a bed with medical apparatus next to him and Heather tells him that he isn’t supposed to be awake yet. Heather tells him that she’s been following him on the news and she knows how he is a serial rapist and she is going to take matters into her own hands – since she is a nurse.

The man tells her to let him go but Heather loads another round of sedatives into the IV and he is soon a again.

When he awakens Heather has a scalpel ready and tells him that she is going to make it so he can never hurt another girl again – by cutting his dick off! He begs for her to let him go but another sedative and he is once again out.

When he awakens for the final time his dick has been removed and he vows revenge on her telling her that she will never get away with this! Heather tells him that being a nurse she has access to special drugs that will remove his memory, just like she removed his penis, and all he will remember is bits and pieces of this event…

Running time – 16:50

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