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*Custom Video Request* It's a Friday night and I just turned ..today. It's been a great birthday; I had cake, my relatives came over, and I got $100 from birthday cards, which I'm going to use to buy my first bike! It just so happens that my older step-sister is having some of her high school friends over for a slumber party on the same night, and all of the girls are in their pajamas but looking very slutty. One of the girls my step-sister invites is Princess Daphne. She's one of the hottest girls in high school, and I am so infatuated with her, so naturally, I'm excited to see her. It's late at night, everybody has gone to bed, and I just got into my bed. All of a sudden, Princess Daphne knocks on my door and walks in without waiting for an answer. She mentions she was looking for the bathroom and has to use the bathroom, but is happy she found me so that she can take advantage of me. She is in her pajamas wearing a cute pair of pajama pants with her hair done up with a scrunchy like she's at a slumber party (maybe a ponytail?). She looks incredible and knows that I like her. ... Seeing her do this gets me so excited, and I have a big erection making my covers stick up. She sees my erection and knows that since I'm only .... it must be one my first ever hard-ons, so she decides to teach me what to do with it. She instructs me to pull aside the covers and show her my cock. She says it's cute and says that I have to jerk it. The whole time I'm jerking, she is teasing me with her tight ass. She even lowers her pajama pants and teases me with her cute panties and ass. Then, she says tells me it's time for a late night snack: she wants me to drink my warm, creamy milk straight from my cock. Nothing like warm milk to help a boy ! So, she tells me to flips my legs over my head, point my cock at my mouth (show me how to do this), counts me down from 10 to 1, and on 1 I am to open wide and shoot my hot milk all into my mouth. Also instruct me to bend more so that I can suck my own cock. Then she tells me to swallow it down like a good boy. Finally, she says she wants to give me my goodnight kiss. So, she tells me to close my eyes and pucker up. Then she gets up close (close to the camera), lowers her pajama pants and also lowers her panties, spreads her ass cheeks, and tells me to open my eyes. I am shocked to see her dirty brown asshole right in my face! She tells me to french kiss it (I'm .... so teach me what that means) and lick it clean. Then she pulls up her pants/panties, takes the $100 from my nightstand that I got for my birthday (which I planned on buying a new bike with) says good night/happy birthday and leaves my room. Princess Daphne leaves happy, all refreshed and clean and $100 richer. Me: I am left on my birthday with the dirty taste of ass and cum in my mouth,

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