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*Custom Video Script*

I want the video to start with both girls lying down on their stomach next to each other on the bed. Then Daphne slowly (in a sexy way also) straddles Natalie , as Natalie is lying down on her stomach, then lies down on top of her completely with all her weight.

Natalie will ask question what's going on and Daphne will say "I'm teaching you how to wrestle, try to get up from under me." Then for the next 2 mins Natalie will pretend to try and get up as she is slowly squirming underneath Daphne, meanwhile Daphne uses all her weight to keep her down and slowly adjusting her position on top from time to time.  (also no swearing please.)

Daphne then sits up on Natalie and starts to slowly stand up while Natalie gets on all four, then Daphne quickly mounts Natalie's lower back, with her legs holding her tummy tight. At this point Natalie is on all fours holding them both up.

Natalie holds them up like this for a few seconds with Daphne still on top pinned against her back with legs and arms wrapped around her until all of a sudden Natalie drops down on her stomach and Daphne snakes her locked ankles up between her thighs. As Daphne is in this position she cups her hands under Natalie's chin and pulls up slightly for a few seconds until Natalie says "OK stop please!".

Then Daphne says,"OK let's make this fair, we will start with the basics. She sits up on Natalie and turns her over so that Natalie is lying on her back now with Daphne sitting on her. Then Daphne says "so first I'm going to teach you how to pin".

She then lies down and stretches herself completely on top of Natalie with all her weight breast on breast. She then pauses and stares at Natalie while their faces are very close and asks" how does it feel to have me on top of you?" Natalie then says" Please get off. Daphne then just looks at her and smiles while slowly brushing through Natalie's hair AND pushing her breasts down into Natalie's breasts..

She lays down on her like this for 2 mins while slightly taunting her (nothing too excessive) and playing with her hair. Daphne then puts her in a grapevine pin and finger-locks Natalie's hands while pinning them above Natalie's head. She then holds her in a grapevine pin for 2 min while they both slowly struggle.

Daphne then says "OK it's your turn to practice and slowly gets up and off Natalie. She then lies on her back and tells Natalie to get on top. Natalie first straddles her and sits on her then lies down on top of her completely with all her weight and says" this is me pinning you down to the floor". She then wants to put Daphne in a grapevine pin but pretends she is unsure how and keeps adjusting her position on top of Daphne until Daphne instructs her how to.

She then keeps Daphne in a grapevine pin and finger locks her hands with Daphne's which she then pins down above Daphne's head. She will keep the grapevine pin for 3 mins as she taunts her off and on. 

Running time - 12:09

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