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Oh my gosh you would never believe what happened the other day..I went down stairs and there was this whole in the wall, and when I went closer, something in there tried to take my shoe! I don't know who or what it was, but I could see why they would want my doc martin shoes, there so cute, the mystery of this all makes me so horny!  Do you want to see? Come check it out with me! You love my stinky soles, come sniff my shoes, you shoe lover, I see you grabbing that bulge of yours, stroke that dick for me and my shoes, let me help you, take your hand and lick it, just like this, and stroke you cock, do it just like I am, I love your big cock, and how much you love my socks and shoes, spit on your dick, just like this...oh you want me to suck this dick, I will, I'll suck it for you deep in my mouth, and when I'm done with your dick, I'm going to cum for you, I'm going to think about you inside me, you filthy fucking shoe lover, uhhh, I'm going to cum, cum with me!

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