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Angelina has been sent to hack the computer of an agent.

She is on the phone with headquarters confirming the plan. She asks if there is anyone else that she should know about, and headquarters informs her that Agent Daphne is back in town and on the job as well.

The girls are going to compete for the job. Agent Daphne also checks in with Mister X and confirms the same job. Looks like there will be quite the rivalry on this job!

Angelina shows up at the scene and quickly hacks the computer when Agent Daphne shows up in a tight black corset, and tight black gloves! She quickly apprehends Angelina and takes her captive, thanking her for cracking the codes for her.

Angelina reveals that the computer is locked up again and the information is in her head. Daphne lets Angelina know that she's not impressed as she has served with the agency over seas and is a trained interrogator.

Angelina gets mouthy and Daphne smacks her upside the head . She then starts to the out of Angelina with her gloved hands while Angelina remains steadily defiant!

Angelina still won't talk as Daphne covers her mouth with her tight gloved hands while pinching her pussy with her other hand. Angelina screams in pain but still will not talk! Daphne has had enough and KO's Angelina. Time for stage 2.

Daphne drags Angelina to a chair and places limp body in the chair. Daphne checks her interrogation wires to make sure they are sparking correctly and the juice is turned up just right. She then tapes them to Angelina's bare nipples and places a few pieces of duct tape over Angelina's mouth.

Angelina is woken by a jolt of electricity right to her sensitive nipples and Daphne then taunts her while rubbing her bare legs with her gloved hands. She holds the remote to the electricity in her hands and jolts Angelina again. Angelina still refuses to talk and we see her big natural tits being jolted again and again.

Eventually Angelina caves and gives Daphne the code and Daphne plugs it into the computer.But it is the wrong code!! Angelina is still playing games and laughs about it!! Daphne is getting really frustrated and gives Angelina another jolt!! The power is raised and Angelina is given a super jolt to her big tits!

This STILL DOESN'T GET HER TO TALK and the wires are now placed right on her clean shaven pussy! The electricity there is just too much for Angelina and she is KO'd from pain.

The scene fades to Angelina tied up spread eagle, completely naked on the bed with Daphne overhead. A piece of duct tape is placed over her mouth. Angelina wakes to Daphne caressing her naked body with her Damiscus gloved hands. Daphne explains her next plan.

The capsule contains a powerful agent that is activated when Angelina's heart rate goes up! Daphne knows a great way to get Angelina's heart race to go up as she pulls out the Hitachi vibrator! She gives Angelina one more chance to talk but Angelina still won't talk!The Hitachi is turned on and placed right on Angelina's clit. Angelina tries every trick that she has learned in the agency to calm her self and not let her heart race too fast, but the Hitachi is just so strong!!

Daphne taunts her as she rubs her naked body with her gloved hands and then places the Hitachi on her pussy once more.After several minutes Daphne calls Mister X - and explains to him that he is about to lose one of his best agents if Angelina doesn't give her the codes.

Angelina is put on the phone and Mister X convinces her to give up the codes.Daphne hangs up the phone, happy now that she is successful, it is time for the real fun, because there was no way Angelina was walking out of here!!The Hitachi is turned up to full power and placed directly on Angelina now super sensitive clit! None of Angelina's spy training could have prepared her for this and right as a super powerful orgasm rips through her pussy,

Running time - 27:24

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