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This video resumes where we left off with Amazing Alexis.

The superhero's have been freed from Electra and Lectras stomachs and things are pretty much back to normal.

Alexis receives a phone call from Batgirl to help out with an escaped Harley Quinn who is plotting on blowing up a warehouse and the surrounding buildings.

Alexis arrives on the scene and confronts Harley who has no intentions on going back to prison. They start to battle but when it appears that Alexis has the upper hand, Harley pulls out her famous cork gun and lets Alexis have it right in the chest.

She is knocked down by the blast and Harley manages to set the bomb. Knowing there is only seconds left, Alexis decides to EAT the bomb and the bomb explodes harmlessly in her belly, and she burps out a cloud of smoke!

Harley cannot believe what she has just seen and fires another round at Alexis, but this time Alexis is read and eats the cork! Alexis takes the hold of the situation and decides that there is only one way that Harley wont escape again, and that is if she is safely locked up in her belly!

Alexis eats the protesting Harley Quinn, and we later see Harley pacing away in her stomach prison... Until she meets the other prisons occupant, Electra. Electra hasn't been sitting idly by though, and she has plans of her own on how to make her escape

Running time - 12:14



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