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Agent Lily has received a call from the Agency to take out a rogue agent. Her assignment, find Agent Daphne, infiltrate, and remove her from the agency.

Special instructions - Agent Lily must take out Daphne wearing just her thong.Lily receives the location of Daphne and heads to the hideout.

She makes her way into the house and finds Daphne ing sound in her bed, completely unaware. Lily sneaks back up to the living room and strips down to her thong and heads back to take Daphne out.

She arrives back to the bed and delivers a crushing blow to the back of Daphne's neck... or where Daphne's neck WOULD have been had she still been in the bed! Instead of Daphne, there are several pillows under the blanket and Lily stands up confused only to turn around and come face to face with Agent Daphne!

Lily throws a wild blow but Daphne blocks it easily and KOs Lily with a blow to her jaw.Lily awakens some time later and Daphne gives her a chance to take her out again. The girls fight it out.... you'll have to see for yourself what happens next!

Running time - 13:28

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