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Whitney and Roxy have gotten detention after school. Whitney tells Roxy how the other day when Roxy hid her shoe she was really excited just being left with one shoe. Roxy tells Whitney to take her shoe off and makes her smell it deeply. The girls then start to play footsie under their desks rubbing their socked feet under each other’s skirts.

Whitney feels a big bulge under Roxy’s skirt and is very turned on. The girls stand up and Roxy starts to rub Whitney’s tits under her shirt and Roxy tells Whitney to get down on her knees. Whitney kneels in front of Roxy and Roxy pulls down her skirt to revel a huge throbbing penis. Whitney starts to suck Roxy’s dick while Roxy moans in pleasure.

Whitney then uses her white socked feet to stroke Roxy’s dick. Eventually Roxy takes Whitney’s other shoe and shoots a huge hot load into it and then tells Whitney to put it back on and walk home from school!

Running time – 14:23



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