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The story continues in Part 2 of Electra's devious plan - After word has got out through the superheroine community of Supergirl's mysterious disappearance Bat girl has taken it upon herself to take the case to find Super girl.

We find Bat girl in the bat cave doing research into Supergirl's disappearance. Bat girl knows Super girl was last seen heading out to apprehend the mysterious Electra she knows she might be responsible for super girl's disappearance. While Bat girl main focus is trying to locate Electra finally a break through for Bat girl she has been able to locate Supergirl herself and so Bat girl quickly heads out with the coordinates to find Supergirl.

Bat girl arrives at the location but is shocked when she doesn't find Supergirl but finds the Mysterious Electra who's stomach has now returned to normal having eaten Supergirl unaware to Bat girl.

Bat girl knows Supergirl is here and demands Electra tell her what she has done with Supergirl. But Electra just laughs and says Bat girl will soon find out what happen to her friend Supergirl. Electra says this was all a trap and that Bat girl has fallen right for it.

Bat girl then springs into action and begins to fight Electra and the two exchange blows while Bat girl is still unaware to the fact of what Electra is really cable of. The fight wages on but Bat girl is able to get the upper hand and is actually able to take Electra down and subdue her. With Electra subdue for the step-moment Bat girl pulls out one of her special gadgets from her bat belt which is a tracking device and she begins to point around trying to find where Electra has hidden Supergirl but bat girl is shocked and confused when the tracking device points right at Electra more specifically her stomach.

With Bat girl still confused as to what is happening Electra starts laughing and begins to pull herself up and then she begins to rub her stomach showing and implying to Bat girl where her friend Supergirl really is. Bat girl tries to act fast she pulls out some Bat rope hoping to tie up Electra for good but all of a sudden Electra quickly blows Super breath like Supergirl does and it knocks Bat girl right off her feet and knocks her out for a second.When Bat girl comes to we see she has been tied up with the Bat rope she had and is lying on the floor of the room. She is helpless she cant move at all as Electra just stands over her.

Bat girl demands to be realised but Electra simply laughs. As Bat girl continues to struggle she asks Electra how she was able to use Supergirl's super breath and asks what she has done with her?. Electra then tells a helpless Bat girl what really happened to her friend Supergirl. Electra says she ate supergirl and says she was tasty to eat. Electra then says one of the other bonus of when she eats someone besides the taste is that she then absorbs their super powers. Bat girl is shocked by what she has heard. She asks if Supergirl is still alive and Electra tells her yes and she now lives forever in agony inside her stomach.

Electra rubs her stomach and then tells Bat girl don't worry because she is about to join Supergirl inside her stomach too. Bat girl screams no as she tries desperately to get free as Electra laughs. Electra then says to Bat girl that her friend Supergirl didn't even see or was aware what was happening to her as she was being eaten alive and when she was aware she got a big shock and Electra laughs and rubs her stomach once again. Electra then says however unlike Supergirl Bat girl is going to be very aware of what is happening to her. Bat girl keeps struggling to get free as Electra then begins to smell and taste different parts of Bat girls body.

Once Electra has finished having her little fun she then decides she's ready to have her next superhero meal and she ponders whether to eat bat girl head or feet first. Electra decides she is going to eat Bat girl feet first as she wants Bat girl to see and experience everything that is happening to her till she disappears into Electra's mouth into darkness. As bat girl continues desperately to get free Electra then begins and we see her mouth open up real wide like she did when she ate supergirl and begins to eat Bat girl. Bat girl screams in pain as we see her slowly start to appear off screen while we hear slurping and gulping sounds in the background. Finally we get one last shot of her face and then she totally disappears off screen and then we hear a very big gulp in the background.

We then see Electra licking her lips and then we get a shot of her rubbing a once again huge distended pregnant like belly like before when she ate Supergirl. We can then hear the faint voice of Bat girl screaming to be let out and Electra can hear her screams but she just laughs. Electra talks to Bat Girl about how now she and Super girl are now reunited inside her stomach trapped forever.

Then Electra lets out a big burp and with that she actually accidentally burps up Bat girls mask. Electra goes to pick up the mask and decides she is going to keep it and might use it as part of her next scheme as she plans to continue with her ultimate plan of eating every single superhero out there. Electra says Two superheros down and she says she has still plenty of room for more and then she decides to go lie down on the couch nearby and has a rest while holding and rubbing her huge belly. The faint voice of Bat Girl coming from Electra's stomach slowly fades away till there is silence and that's where we leave things.

Running time - 14:45



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