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Winter Agent Abby is investigating when two goons capture her and demand the code to a locked safe. Abby tries to hold out by the larger man flips her around like a rag doll and strips her down and sucks on her toes. Eventually Abby gives up the code and Frank goes to check it out while the larger guy plays with Abby.

When Frank returns the two men bring the KO’d Abby to the shower and hose her down with freezing cold water still trying to get the correct passcode.

Abby is eventually brought downstairs with the large man plays with her and sucks on her toes some more while Frank tries the new code.

Abby is finally able to escape and KO’s both men and ties them up, taunting them with her naked body and eventually calls backup to pick up these two chumps!

Running time – 40:51



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