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Custom Fetish Videos - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom fetish video? - Great question! Sometimes having a particular fetish makes it hard to find what you are looking for on the net. That's where we come in! Seductive Studios produces high quality films based on your specific ideas or suggestions. You may even have a script that you would like to see made into a movie, with a particular actress, wardrobe etc. We adhere to your script 100% when able and as our testimonials will show you the customer is almost ALWAYS happy!

How much do custom fetish videos cost? - The cost of your video will vary. Dependent on the time length of your film, the content, the amount of actors requested, wardrobe, nudity or lack thereof, and specials currently being run by Seductive Studios. You will be paying the model fee plus a $25 studio fee plus the cost of any additional props or attire needed if we do not already have in the prop closet. Please inquire for more specific pricing.

How long does it take for me to get my custom fetish video? - Once payment is made, we will usually be able to get you your video between 3-14 business days. This may vary slightly if your specific model is an out of town model and has specific dates that she can work or if props need to be ordered.  Sometimes you may even get your video in less than 2 days!

What do I get when I order a custom fetish videos? - You will receive a digital copy of your video, in MP4 or a specific format that you require. This video will be in full HD which is 1920x1080, if you would like your video in 4K please specify ahead of time.

How does the process work? - Simple really! Send us your idea by email to Sara at Sara@SeductiveStudios.com  with the details of what you are looking for. At that point, together you and Sara will collaborate a price and date of shoot. We will do everything in our power to meet your custom video needs. Emails are processed once a day, Monday - Friday so please be patient. Our filming schedule is created once a week on Sunday. All payments made before Sunday will be scheduled for the upcoming week. If the model you request is a traveling model, you may have to wait a little longer, as traveling models will come into town when they have enough work to make it worth their trip. 

How do I make payment? - We can accept a multitude of payment options. Yes you can pay with your credit card. Please contact Sara at Sara@SeductiveStudios.com  for details.

Will my video be sold on your store? - Yes. We are able to keep your costs down by only having you pay the model fees, and we make our profit by re-selling the videos online. As a matter of fact, almost 90% of our clips are custom videos! 

Can I send you outfits or props for my movie? - I'm sorry but at this time we do not accept personal items from our customers for movies. We will order your props online and have them shipped to our studio.

Which models can I choose for my custom fetish video? - We have and try to maintain a local base of girls to work on your custom videos. You can choose any of these girls, and any of our traveling models. Click HERE for the North models and HERE for the South models and HERE for the Central models to see a list of all currently available models. HOWEVER - our girls do have limitations. Well, most of them :)

An email that we received from one of our customers says it all - 

The main reasons to order a custom video through Seductive Studios -

  • The models are attractive.

  • The models actually look like their photo.

  • The video is followed very closely to your idea.

  • Your video is done quickly.

  • Your video is mailed out quickly.

  • Your video will actually work in your DVD player.

  • The response to emails is quick.

  • They actually respond to emails.

  • The quality of the video is done constant each time. (Even if you are a repeat customer.)

  • The overall customer service is GREAT.


Still have more questions? Send Sara an email by clicking HERE