Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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A man knocks on Abby’s door wanting to look at her home that is for sale. She thinks it’s odd that he just shows up as she happens to be out of work early – having no idea that he followed her home from work.

Abby goes inside to change, and he watches her from behind a cracked door as she changes out of her work clothes.

As they sit down to talk about the home his true intentions are revealed, and he grabs her.

She is stripped down and he enjoys her body before tying her up tightly in ropes, carrying her to the bedroom and watches her struggle while feeling all over her body.

She tries to break free. Abby awakens on the couch not remembering anything – barely remembering why he is there to look at her home and assumes she must have slept due to exhaustion.

Overwhelmed by the whole ordeal Abby finally rests on the couch after he is gone.

Running time – 22:39

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