Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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Devyn is a scientist working on a formula that will cure world hunger. She samples the formula and unfortunately it has an unforeseen side effect that makes the subject ravenously hungry! Devyn eats all of her stuff before she realizes it and looks down to find a HUGE BELLY! (She is 9 months pregnant)

Realizing she at her badge and is stuck in the lab, she tries to call for help, but has eaten her phone as well! Devyn manages to dial for help using the phone in her belly, and when Daphne answers, she tries to let her know what has happened, but Daphne can’t understand her.

Devyn is unable to answer Daphne’s call when she calls back – and now she realizes she might be stuck in this lab for good!

Devyn crawls back to the lab, still huge and bloated from all of the stuff she ate and uses her field recorder to leave a message for anyone that might find her – and a warning NOT to drink the formula!

Running time – 14:10



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