Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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*Our new all-time favorite video – stellar performances by everyone involved – Editors Choice!*

- Part 1 is mostly Renfield and Laney – Part 2 is Aria, Renfield and Laney -

Vampire Aria sends her perverted little minion, Renfield to fetch her a sexy woman for her evening meal. She admonishes Renfield, telling him not to spoil this maiden with his filthy little penis, and Renfield grovels and makes his exit.

Laney is home awaiting her boyfriend wearing a sexy new lingerie, and when she hears a strange noise, she investigates, but the deranged Renfield is waiting in her hallway and knocks her out, and carries her to the vampires lair.

Renfield takes some time to play with the victim’s feet, rubbing them all over his face, and worshipping her soles – before tying her up, to await his Master.

When the Vampire arrives, she tells Laney that she has let Renfield prime her for her, as she loves the way a victim’s fear seasons the blood!

Not being able to wait any longer, Vampire Aria begins to feast on Laney’s bare breasts, while Laney is powerless to stop the powerful vampire!

While Aria is feasting on Laney’s tits, Renfield is fawning and pawing all over Laney’s feet!

Finally finished with her meal, the Vampire gives Renfield leave to cart off the victim and have his perverted way with her!

Running time – 30:23



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