Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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Laney and her boyfriend have plans to grab Scarlett and sell her off. Laney lures Scarlett over and the two start to make out before Laney makes her move and KO’s Scarlett. Scarlett then finds herself tied up in the back of Laney’s boyfriends truck on the way to their hide out.

Scarlett is tied up and while watching Scarlett struggle throughout the film, Laney fantasies on what it would be like to be tied up as well – and we view her fantasies.

Laney is very turned on by watching Scarlett struggle and several times she puts her hands down Scarlett’s pants and pleasures her while covering her mouth with her hand.

Eventually Laney’s boyfriend shows up and double crosses her, tying both girls up on the bed while being ball gagged.

Scarlett is able to free herself and before making her escape, she gets payback on Laney and pleasures HER while Laney is tied up!

Running time – 29:15



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