Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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We thought it would be fun to get back to our roots and film an original script in the classic damsel in distress / erotic horror genre. Scarlett and Johnson put on a phenomenal performance – this is a must have!

Scarlett is running late for work and has a handyman come fix her broken internet connection. What she doesn’t know is that he has been stalking her for months and now that he’s in her house, he has his chance to play his twisted game!

“Handyman” features elements of cat & mouse, rope bondage, tape gag, pantyhose, lip stick, lift & carry, as well as KO's by er hold and blunt trauma to the head.

Each time Scarlett is KO’d, Johnson ties her up only to let her escape over and over while he recaptures her for his sick games.

Running time – 59:30

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