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Scarlett’s roommate Casey confronts her about leaving her garbage all over their apartment. Things turn physical after Scarlett taunts Casey and a fight ensues! Hearing all the commotion their other roommate, Mia shows up and Scarlett and Mia gang up on Casey, kicking her ass around the apartment!

Casey is humiliated and battered with Scarlett parading her around the apartment by her hair before being KO’d by Scarlett.

Mia then starts to run her mouth and Scarlett and Mia begin to throw punches! Scarlett even pins Mia down and sits on her face before putting her head in a tight scissor lock and KO’ing her!

Scarlett is so engrossed in her tight leg scissors she fails to see Casey awaken and Casey takes advantage of the situation to get behind Scarlett and KO her with a tight er hold!

Running time – 21:06



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