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Professor Roxy has Aria in for detention and Aria squeaking her shoes has started to get Roxy hot and bothered. Roxy tells Aria to come over to her desk where she starts to rub Aria’s pussy through her panties. Roxy then removes one of Aria’s shoes and bends her over her lap and spanks her ass under her blue skirt.

Roxy then removes her own skirt and reveals her big dick underneath and Aria starts to stroke it before getting on her knees and taking Roxy’s hard dick in her wet mouth.

Aria continues to suck Professor Roxy’s dick and then Roxy puts Aria on her desk, lifts up Aria’s skirt and starts to fuck her tight pussy. Aria is then bent over the desk and Roxy fucks her from behind, doggystyle as Aria moans in pleasure. The two take it to the couch where Aria rides Roxy’s cock and finally Roxy grabs Aria’s shoe and shoots a huge hot load into it.

Roxy then has Aria wear the shoe around her office before sending her back to her seat and resuming the detention.

Running time – 44:04





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