Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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In this custom video, Daphne plays a creepy photographer that has Laney in the studio for a shoot. First, Laney is changing in the changing room and doesn’t realize that Daphne has a hidden camera in there and is watching her get naked! When Laney finally gets to posing, Daphne takes her out of her comfort level and has Laney posing way sexier than she would normally, and then eventually has her grabbing her boobs and in lingerie!

In the second half of the video, Daphne has Laney tied up for some bondage shots, ball gagged and blind folded. Laney isn’t sure about it but goes along with it. When Laney is finally tied up, Daphne pulls her shirt up to expose her tits and starts to finger her! Daphne then takes her own clothes off, puts on a strap on, and fucks Laney with it while she struggles to free herself and cries!

Running time – 34:33



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