Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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After Abby’s husband blows off her exciting news about her job interview, she hangs up with him and goes to bed very angry. In the morning HER HUSBAND awakens in his wife’s body! He can’t believe what is happening and quickly checks out his sexy wife’s body in the mirror!

He is obviously very turned on after seeing her in her lingerie and goes to the bed to start touching her body! Playtime is interrupted when Abby’s friend calls to remind her of the job interview this morning!

Oh no – he has no idea how to dress or even put on makeup as a woman! After fumbling through some outfits, he decides on a sexy short black mini skirt and a white top that shows her cleavage!

He tries his best to put on makeup but ends up looking more trash than professional.

And then there is the high heels! He practices his walk in the heels, but can’t seem to get it down, falling all over the place!

Finally, he/she arrives at the office and when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, he drops her papers on the ground and has to crawl around on hands and knees to retrieve them!

The office manager finally meets with Abby and chastises her/him on how she is sitting with her legs spread open like a guy! Man, it is hard to be a woman, that’s for sure!

Running time – 38:14



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