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I'm so excited, all the things you've told me about your dick and I finally get to see it!! I'm still in my party dress from last night, and oops! I must have lost my bra!  with this these huge natural tits, I don't think anyone will mind!! Ok take it out!  Wait....where is it?  Is it inverted? it kind of looks like a finger or toe growing out of your ballsac.  What do you do with that?  Pee..does it even come?  hahahaha! If I wanted to look at a big toe, I would look at my feet.  Let me take a picture of it, so I can show all my friends, and maybe post it on the internet, have people guess what it is, and I can guarantee no one is going to say a dick! hahaha!How do you have sex?  Do you just eat a girl out and then say, wait I left my dick at home! Your poor thing, this is a great way to start off the new year, with the funniest joke being in your pants!! Small penis humiliation, small penis encouragement, big natural tits, SPH, SPE, Small penis worship, humiliation

Running time - 6:41

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