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Johnson has been hired to kidnap Laney and prepare her for a client waiting oversees. Sneaking into her apartment Johnson grabs her from behind Laney struggles but is no match and finally goes out.  Johnson now gets to have fun with her and plays with her and walks her around on a leash, breaking her spirit.
Laney is tazed until she is out, and Johnson ties her arms overhead and works her belly over with punch after punch. Eventually she is brought down, and Johnson plays with her again before bringing her to the bed, stripping her outer clothes off and playing with her some more. He gets photos for his buyer oversees.
Laney has her top stripped off and a ball gag inserted, and Johnson lets her try to escape before catching her from behind, and carrying her over his shoulder to the living room where he plays with her some more before taping her mouth shut and writing “SOLD” across her belly
Total Movie Running time – 57:37

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