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This custom video is broken down into two days. 

Day 1 we start following Lora around outside as she is bundled in her gloves, scarf and business attire. She arrives home and is met by her husband Leo and the two passionately kiss while both wearing work attire. Leo removes Lora's socks and sucks on her feet for a bit. The two go to the bedroom and undress and Lora strokes Leo's cock until he blows a load all over her chest! The pair then go to the shower where Leo washes Lora down lovingly before Lora once again dresses and returns outside.

Running time - 47:34

Day 2 begins the same way as Day 1 with Lora walking around outside in her attire, but when she comes home this time, Leo is rougher and the two playfully wrestle and once again Leo worships Lora's feet this time while she is resting. Leo then picks up a now naked Lora and carries her around the room for a bit.  Leo takes Lora for a quick shower and then Lora straddles him on the couch and the two passionately kiss and Leo sucks on Lora's tits before Lora gives him a foot job and he cums all over her feet!

Next scene Lora walks outside in flip flops and barefoot for a while in the grass, and eventually returns to her warmer clothing and we follow her around until the end.

Running time - 37:46

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