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In this custom video, Josie is first grabbed by Lora while outside. Lora ties Josie up and starts to have her way with her while Josie is gagged and helpless. After some time we find the girls in Lora's room and Lora wants Josie to cleanup. She cleans up and puts some long white socks on and Lora ties her to the bed. Lora reaches down Josie's underwear and fingers her while she's tied. Lora eventually brings out a Hitachi and rubs it on Josie's clit.

Josie is then brought into the tub and tied up while Lora fills the tub and gets Josie's outfit and socks wet. Josie is able to free a hand though and karate chops Lora and ties HER up in the bath. Josie then rubs Sarah's pussy through her panties before leaving HER tied up in the tub!




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