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Oh your married, and well and it is very important to maintain the same level of fitness, she referred you to me, because we cant one partner running around with a flat tummy and a toned ass, while the other is just getting jiggly. That's a recipe for disaster. You wouldn't want your hot wife to meet and sexy fit guy would you? I have just the plan for you, its a very special combination of special vitamins and proteins! Its not the same as your wives but I think you'll like it even more than she does, this is a professional treatment to get you back in shape for your sexy wife! I'm going to need you to take out your cock and follow directions, it wont be awkward when we are both loosing our clothes!CEI, cum eating instruction, cum eating encouragement, masturbation instruction, JOI, jerk off instruction, games, therapists, strip tease, cum sallower, cum shots, cum play

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