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Alright Coach "Nasty" We need to talk, I want you to know that I know that you sneak into the girls locker room after the game, pretending you had some kind of business to do, I saw you peaking at me while I showered, my wet body glistening. And I saw your hand in your pants, so I decided I would video tape you jerking it to all the young girls, and I want another video of you up close up close and personal. If you dont jerk it to me right now, well then I will run your life withe video I have, and with this video, now that I can see everything. I can ruin your life completely. Some I think i Will be captain of the dance team this year! hahahaha! Cheerleader, Dancer, stripper, blackmail fantasy, Piper, JOI, jerk off instruction, masturbation instruction, forced orgasm, forced masturbation, bribery, femdom, POV, female domination, brat girls, ass fetish, ass shaking, ass smacking, female supremacy

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