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*Behind The Scenes*

*Custom Video Script * - This is a recreation of a movie - makeup and props used are - Long witch nails, purple contact lenses, long black satin gloves, wig, bald cap. - This movie would have been amazing, had the bald cap fit better. It is still good , but the bald cap was a bad fit - just FYI.Sophie is a witch who cannot attend the annual witches convention, and is attending via Skype at home. She waits eagerly for the grand witch to arrive, and when she does, she stands and gives a standing ovation. The grand witch orders the witches to remove their shoes, and Sophie removes her cramped shoes and massages her aching feet.Next, the gloves are removed, and Sophie slowly removes her gloves to reveal long black fingernails. Her skin itches terribly from not being exposed to the air and she runs her long black nails up and down her arms.Finally, the wig is removed and Sophie opens her eyes to reveal that they are now violet with the change complete, and she revels in her true form.

Running time – 40:43

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