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*Behind The Scenes*

This custom video was commissioned by a female client as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend. It was his personal fantasy and she surprised him with it on Christmas morning! At the office, Johnson tells Rachel that they have to practice restraint training in case the office was ever attacked by terrorists. Rachel agrees as he needs to get off the computer for a while anyhow. Johnson grabs the ropes and soon has Rachel hog tied on the floor in her office. Rachel struggles against the ropes trying to free herself, and finally she calls for Johnson to untie her, but he’s left for lunch! It was all a trick just to get her tied up! When he finally returns, she is PISSED and threatens him with human resources unless he agrees to let her tie HIM up this time! Johnson can’t lose his job so soon he himself is tied up on the floor under Rachel’s desk with her feet on his back and head!

Running time – 1:08:59

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