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When Daphne asks how her friend Rachel’s tennis practice went, Rachel said it was good but she may have injured her abdomen and she is concerned it may affect her upcoming tournament. Daphne said she knows how to help and has Rachel stretch out on the couch and massages her belly.

When Rachel gets weirded out by Daphne’s sexual advances, Daphne throws her up against the wall and starts to punch her belly over and over.

Daphne also makes Rachel worship and kiss her belly. Then she tells Rachel to punch HER in the stomach as her arms are overhead against the wall. Each punch turns Daphne on more and more.

Eventually the girls are on the couch and Rachel is lying down with Daphne sitting on her face, Daphne grinds her pussy against Rachel’s face as she punches Rachel in the stomach finally exploding into orgasm.

Running time – 30:08



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