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*Custom Video Script*

Piper, a black 18-year-old high school girl, is visiting her step-sister in college at her off campus apartment she shares with a snobby blonde sorority girl named Jenny. Jenny is not happy having the young high school girl around and is not shy expressing her displeasure. The two soon develop a mutual dislike for each other and could not be more different: Jenny is a prissy little Barbie girl while Piper is a street-tough urban home girl from the hood.When Jenny decides to relax in the apartment one afternoon she is disrupted when Piper enters the room and begins to play her music loud.

Jenny gets annoyed and tells Piper to turn down her music. Piper refuses and tells Jenny to mind her own business. Words are exchanged and a fight soon breaks out between the two girls resulting in Barbie girl Jenny getting her ass beat by tough-girl Piper in a brutal one-sided fight.Opening Scene Jenny walks in the room wearing a sexy little hot pink bikini and a magazine in her hand.

Her college roommate is out for a couple of hours so she is looking forward to some quiet time alone in the apartment by herself. She curls up on a couch and casually begins to flip through her magazine.Moments later her roommates little step-sister Piper enters the room talking loudly on her cell phone and carrying a boom box. She is dressed in a black tank top and daisy dukes and wearing a ball cap slightly skewed to the side in a hip-hop style. She places the boom box on a table as she continues talking on her cell phone.

When Piper is finally done with her call she reaches over and turns on her boom box. Loud rap music begins blaring from the boom box as she begins texting on her phone.. Confrontation here ( I wont spoil it for you )Piper reaches down and unties Jenny's bikini top and pulls it off her.Note: At this point in the script the actual fighting begins and Piper proceeds to tear Jenny apart. As mentioned at the top of the script this is to be a one-sided cat fight so Piper should totally dominate and destroy Jenny thoroughly throughout the fight. Just basically wipe the floor with her. Although the girls are free to choreograph and improvise the action on their own, all I ask is that they make the fighting look as genuine and authentic as possible. I want it to look like Jenny is really getting her ass kicked by

Running time – 21:29

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