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Marley is a rich heiress who goes through serving slaves like candy literally! Daphne is her newest serving slave, and when Marley is displeased with her meal, she punishes Daphne. She squashs her with her huge belly as Daphne cries out in terror.. She knows what is going to happen to her next! Marley taunts Daphne holding her huge belly on her face as Daphne struggles to breathe, next she holds Daphne's head onto her massive gut, so Daphne can hear her stomach growling. Daphne begs Marley not to eat her, but Marley isnt having any of it, she finally eats Daphne feet first. Her appetite sated for now, Marley digests Daphne slowly, and we hear Daphne crying out for help inside of the huge cavern that is Marley's stomach!

Running time – 10:06



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