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*Custom video*" I want you to punch me" she says seductively. "Right in my stomach" as she puts her hands over her head, daring even inviting her partner to plant a fist in her belly. As a fist smacks into the flesh of her belly she moans in pleasure "Harder, punch me in the stomach!" Her back against the wall, she puts her arms back over her head, making her ribs stick out "punch me in the stomach"  "ooh"  "that was a good one" "hit me again"."Hit my lower belly" "mmmm that felt good, again"  "ohhh"  She then sucks in her belly "punch my tummy!" with her belly sucked in the blow has more impact "uhhh!"As each blow lands, a sexy "uhh"  or "ohh"  "oof" "huh!" gasp is made. She keeps asking for it"punch my stomach, go ahead sink you fist into it, that turns me on so much""hit different parts of my belly, my solar plexus, right in my navel, below my navel"Same reactions, gasps, moans of pleasure The she says "Let's try this on the floor. I'll lay down, put my arms over my head and relax my belly and you punch me"The first several are with her lying flat, legs down, then some with her knees up, making her belly more relaxed so the punches go in deeper."I need to be punched. Go ahead, right in my soft stomach" "HUH!"  "Yeah, right in the gut. harder""HO!"  "A stomach punch turns me on"  "kinda weird huh?, but hey let's go with it...keep punching me" Some of the camera angles looking straight down, others from over her head looking down across her belly toward her hip bones, some low angle from the side to see her belly rising and falling as she breathes. Some footage of her lower belly moving gently up and down under the bikini bridge formed by the fabric of her bikini bottoms suspended between her hip bones...followed by some punches to the lower belly.punches continue throughout this."I think I like it best in my lower belly"... "getting hit in the solar plexus knocks the wind out of me more"'I like it in the navel too, right in the middle of my stomach....go for it...punch it!"  'Do you want to punch my stomach?"  "Punch my soft sexy stomach!"

Running time – 15:46

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