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Marley’s neighbor knocks on her door as she is blasting her loud music once again and he’s tired of asking her to turn it down. She answers the door in a filthy wife beater and beer in hand and threatens him with her boyfriend. The neighbor pulls out a magic wand and starts to transform Marley! First her music is turned off, her beer disappears, then her hair is let down, then makeup appears on her face. Then her voice suddenly turns into something resembling a valley girl!

Marley is now sobbing and begging him to stop but he is just getting started. With another wave of his wand he transforms her huge body into a sexy tight toned body (Laney). Completely confused, she tells him that she will get her curves back and her curly hair as soon as he leaves!

Another wave of the wand and now she is his loving girlfriend, does a little tease for him before getting on her knees and crawling over to him to give him a blowjob!

Running time – 8:28



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