Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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Roman and Aria are spending time with a neighbor Roxy and before you know it they are both on the floor! Roxy has tricked them and it’s time for her crazy plan! She is going to tie both of them up, wrap their hands in tape, gag their mouths, wrap their heads with tape and attach vibrators to them to see if they can find each other in her house! Roman is also dressed in women’s lingerie!

After 20 min or so we find that Roxy has been betrayed by an off-camera woman and is now tied up the same way she tied up the other two – with two vibrators attached to her instead of one!

After trying to escape for a bit we then find out that Aria was behind the whole thing and Roman and Roxy are tied up on the couch together as Aria gloats!

Craziest house party ever!

Running Time – 28:50



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