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Justice Girl has received a distress call from The Green Hornet. She arrives on scene to find the place empty, The Hornet's cries coming from a skull placed on a table.

She starts to back away confused, when the evil villain Cyanide grabs her from behind. Justice quickly goes down, and Cyanide starts to fondle her on the ground. She then drags her out of the room.

Scene fades in to The Green Hornet tied to a chair, struggling with a gag in her mouth. She cannot escape. Cyanide makes her watch as she molests her friend, Justice Girl. Cyanide rubs Justice's crotch bringing her to a shattering orgasm. Satisfied for the step-moment, Cyanide brings over her skull henchman, Horace to the bound Hornet.

She tells her that Horace is more than an ornament, he also has his own powers and has The Hornet to look into his eyes as he hypnotizes the poor super hero Now fully under the evil villain Cyanide's control, The Green Hornet stares blankly at her mistress. Cyanide explains that the Hornet will do everything she is told and now will address her as Mistress. She then kisses her deeply before untying her from the chair.

Cyanide removes her top exposing her breasts and has The Hornet do the same. She then kisses her more fiercely than before and orders Hornet to lick her breasts. After taking advantage of the super her for several minutes she clothes herself once more and orders The Hornet to do the same. She then ties her back to the chair explaining to her that she is to act like herself once more until Justice Girl unties her, then to remember where her true loyalties lie.

Some time passes...Justice Girl awakens from her slumber and sees The Green Hornet struggling to the chair, she makes her way over to her and begins to untie her, letting her know that she's safe now and they can make their escape together. As the ropes fall to the floor and the girls stand, Cyanide's command kicks in and The Green Hornet turns from friend to enemy. Justice Girl looks confused briefly and is then quickly punched in the throat followed by a knee to the groin.

She is thrown to the couch where The Green Hornet grabs her by her hair and starts to spank her ass. Justice Girl cries out for an explanation, not understanding why her friend has turned on her.The Green Hornet explains that Justice Girl should follow her mistress Cyanide, and if she refuses, then pain is all that is left for her. Justice Girl is dragged to her feet and the beating continues until Cyanide enters the room. She pushes The Green Hornet out of the way and starts in on Justice Girl herself delivering a series of devastating punches to her kidneys.

Justice Girl unable to withstand the assault, falls to the floor and tries to crawl away. She is kicked over and over , finally being dragged to her feet once more. The Green Hornet holds her arms behind her back while Cyanide pulls out her knife and teases it around Justice Girl's breasts, all the while Justice pleads for her life.Cyanide decides that there is more in store for Justice and knocks her out once more and the girls carry her from the room.

Some time passes...We find Justice placed upon a bed, being disrobed by the other girls, she is left in nothing but her skirt and boots The villains finish undressing the poor Justice Girl and Cyanide straddles her bare chest and taunts her with the knife. Justice pleads for her life and Cyanide orders her onto her knees. As she is on all fours, Cyanide holds her henchman Horace to her bare crotch and he resumes his pleasures while Justice cries out between horror and pleasure. After several minutes Green Hornet is ordered to place duct tape over our heroes mouth to quiet her moans.

After Horace has had his fun, Justice is tied spread eagled to the bed once again taunted with the knife and Horace is placed back under her skirt. She resumes her cries and writhes underneath Cyanide. After several more minutes, Green Hornet is ordered to undress and take Horace's spot pleasuring the bound hero. Justice Girl's eyes pop open wide as her friend grabs her tits and starts to pleasure her under her skirt.

Running time - 48:45

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