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Jenny is preparing for a fight and needs to get toughened up a bit since she was showing some weakness in her tummy and crotch the last fight.Her trainer tells her that she has to be able to take a few blows, and starts the training.

He orders her up against the wall with her hands overhead and starts to rain punches on her belly.After several minutes, he has her lay on the ground and crouches over her and keeps delivering blows to her abdomen and her crotch. Eventually she passes out and he keeps on with the punishment.

He carries her to a table and ties her legs spread apart to the legs of the table.Jenny awakens and the trainer continues to punch her hard in the gut, and kick and punch her in her now, very tender crotch.Jenny moans with pain and tries her best to cover her crotch but the rope holds.The session is almost finished.

Running time - 13:40

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