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She is a fitness student. She is wearing t-shirt and jeans. A man comes in the room. He is telling her that she has a nice belly and body. Maybe she wants to do some modeling for lingerie. She says thank you. He asks her to pull up her shirt so he can see her belly properly. Wow he says. Is it hard? I work out a lot she says.

He strokes it, so soft and hard at the same time he says. She is flattered. Suddenly he delivers several punches to her stomach ? hard, she collapses in front of him, moaning. She is laying by his feet, curled up, holding her lower belly. She is almost out by the pain. He lifts her up on the beds edge, she is sitting on the edge, head hanging forwards, he punch her a few times more, and undresses her. She is placed across the bed. He handcuffs her and stretches her body out to the max.

She is moaning silently. He strokes her belly, pussy and breasts shortly. Then he punches her with great in her lower tummy. She moans and tries to curl up , he holds her hands and punches her again several times. Then he lifts her up by turning her, so she is laying on her stomach, and grab her under her tummy. He is holding her in front of him (with her back against him) with his hands around her waist, pulling his hands into her lower belly. She is hanging over his hands like a rag doll, moaning. He is placing her on the floor, arms over her head. He punches her hard in her lower belly, she is screaming.

Running time - 24:08



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