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Jenny is fast a in bed when Daphne and her friend barge into her room. They snatch the covers from her and Daphne holds her hands behind her back and quickly cuffs them while the man pounds away at Jenny's stomach.

After a few minutes, he removes Jenny's pants and panties and leaves her stretched out fully nude. They continue their beating of her, at one point the man lifts her up by her belly and squeezes tight while Daphne delivers a series of quick jabs. Jenny is then taken to the garage and tied with her hands overhead.

They continue the punches until Daphne takes a belt and cinches it tight around Jenny's mid section. They pull it tight and deliver more shots to her tummy. Jenny is then cut down and placed on a tarp on the floor, hands pulled overhead...Jenny awakes from her short reprieve with a giant foot pressing down hard on her stomach while Daphne holds her hands behind her head.

She grunts with pain and falls out again. The belt is removed from her stomach and a step-moment is spent feeling her tender belly before the foot comes down again. He gently presses in and out of her stomach with his feet. Then the punching starts again... eventually he raises his foot and brings it down hard on her stomach while Daphne holds her hands back.

She falls out once again and is carried back upstairs to the bedroom and placed on the bed. Daphne places her over her knee so that her stomach is exposed, arched over Daphne's legs. She massages Jenny's stomach. They take turns placing her on the wall punching her stomach, then holding her off the bed repeating the abuse. Eventually Jenny is left writhing on the floor in pain..

Running time - 36:53

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