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Jenny and Daphne are having a terrible argument. Daphne decides that she's had enough of Jenny's slutty ways and it's time for her to pay! The girls start to fight, and Daphne s Jenny as she hurls insults!

The fight for several minutes until Jenny is KO'd. Daphne places Jenny on the couch and strips her nude and ties her in a tight hog tie and watches her struggle to free herself from the ropes. Then Daphne spanks Jenny's tight ass until it's red and squeezes her perky tits hard with her fingers as Jenny cries out in pain!

Daphne then grabs Jenny's pussy and squeezes it tight and Jenny is helpless to stop her as the ropes hold her tight.. then the belly punching starts...The treatment continues as Jenny's tight, tender stomach is subjected to punch after punch. Daphne straddles Jenny's naked body and rains blow after blow down upon her. Jenny is KO'd finally and awakens to find herself tied to a chair with her legs spread open. Daphne places clamps tightly on Jenny's nipples and even clamps her pussy lips together.

That will teach that whore!!It isn't over though. Since Jenny wants to be such a slut, Daphne will treat her like one and grabs the Hitachi and starts to work on Jenny's swollen clit. Jenny tries to fight it, but she is no match for the powerful vibrations of the Hitachi and soon is brought to a huge crushing *REAL ORGASM*!!The pain and pleasure is too much for Jenny and she is left in the chair.

Running time - 27:21



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