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David has found just what's he's looking for online. A hooker that will do whatever he wants to do. He orders her, and within the hour she's at his door.

Cookie arrives in a sexy outfit ready to please David and asks if they can get down to business. He says he doesn't want to fuck, in fact he has other things in mind. He wants her to punch herself in the stomach. She is a bit confused at first, but since he's paying she agrees.

She delivers several hard blows to her stomach and is left bending over, gasping for air. David massages her tender belly for a few minutes giving her a little break, all the while Cookie snarks off at the mouth with her bitchy little attitude. After several more punches to the stomach, Cookie collapses in the chair to catch her breath, and David tells her about round 2 of the night.

He has another fetish, and it involves tying her up with her arms overhead and punching her in the stomach. He goes and gets the rope.

David ties Cookie up tight with her arms overhead. She is still a bit confused on how this night is going to go, as she's never had a client like this before. David starts to deliver strong punches to Cookie's tender belly and Cookie cries out in pain as she swings from the rope .

David then puts her in a strong reverse bear hug and squeezes her midsection so tight! He pulls up her skirt over her head so she can't see and delivers several strong punches to her already sore stomach. Cookie swings as she tries to catch her breath! David then pulls her underwear off and leaves her hanging in just her dress pulled up and her tall leather boots.

He takes turns massaging her stomach and delivering punches. Finally, having his fill of the session, he unties her and she is finally able to catch her breath. He will defiantly be a repeat customer!  

Running time - 19:23

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