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Jenny is a cop who is at home stretching her tight belly out on the floor in yoga pants. Two men burst in and one puts her in a headlock while the other starts to punch her right in her tight belly, teaching her a lesson! After many belly punches her belly is red and she taunts them! One hard blow knocks her out and they strip her nude. She is pulled up to the couch where the belly punching continues, waking her up!  She is punched for several minutes and then is placed on a table with a belt tied tight around her stomach while it is punched. 

Jenny Begs for them to stop but they are relentless in their belly punching. They finally stop and massage her tight, sore belly. The belt is removed and electrodes are placed on her stomach. She is woken up with electric charges into her belly and she moans and squirms on the table.She is punched some more. After several minutes of this, she is picked up and hung upside down from one guy's shoulders while the other punches her belly.After some time she is tied arms overhead with rope and punched repeatedly in her belly. The electrodes are placed on again and she is left to write in pain as they pump on her tender belly.

Running time - 26:23



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