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Jenny is new at the office and she shows up to work on the first day and Heather lets her know that her attire is not appropriate for work, since they can clearly see her midriff. There is also a policy against short sleeve shirts since Heather has a fetish for fuzzy arms.

The second day at work  Jenny shows up in proper attire, long sleeved and no belly showing. When Jenny leans in to help Heather with an email, she rolls up her sleeves which sets Heathers heart racing! Later that day, Heather cannot contain herself and starts to flirt with Jenny and Jenny threatens to turn her in to human resources.

Heather gets very upset with Jenny and throws her up against the door and delivers several blows to her belly. Jenny spends the rest of the film being punished in the office, alternating punishments are belly punches, belly scratches and arm hair punishment. 

Running time - 21:15



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